The Struggle Continues

I am still here, battling on… I have been rather unwell and extremely busy. These two things do not go well together! So other than packet checking, eating and working, all I have been doing is sleeping.
I am hoping that eating a restrictive diet isn’t causing a problem with my immune system. I have been struggling with a chest infection for a number of weeks and I can’t seem to shift it!

Glastonbury’s Health Food Shop

There have been a number of successes; after visiting various Holland and Barrett stores and not finding anything I could actually enjoy, I spent some time on google. Much to my delight, I came across Glastonbury’s Health Food Shop – Earthfare. It is the most amazing supermarket for anyone with allergies or dietary requirements. Most excitingly I found the most amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies made by Doves Farm.
We did take our 3 year old nephew and his dad with us; so I can’t say that I got the most out of our trip. However, it was great to find such an amazing place, full of free from and organic foods! I will certainly be taking a child free trip back very soon.

Asda Boycott

After visiting my local Asda on several times over a period of 3 weeks for them to not have any freezer free from foods on every occasion; I have made the decisions to not shop there. It began to cause me too much stress and anxiety. It also caused a couple of “disagreements” between Laura and I.
It can be so frustrating when you can’t find the food you want without the ingredients you are allergic too. It must also be frustrating for people in our lives that have to deal with us being annoyed we can’t get what we want. I also do not think that I should settle; why should I have something I don’t really want or like that much just because I have allergies and it is “free from”.

Birthday Meal

So, I turn 26 this month and like most people I wanted to enjoy a meal out with my family. This wouldn’t have been much of a problem last year, however this year it wasn’t looking great. Luckily we would be in London over my birthday; seeing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. So I thought that this would give me more eatery options.
I decided to reach out to restaurants using Twitter. I work in digital marketing, so knew this was more than likely where I was going to get the most success. My theory was proven correct when the majority of restaurants promptly responded.
However, it wasn’t always a helpful response. The main reply that I received was “Please speak to your server when ordering.” For someone with allergies, this is not what you want to hear. Firstly, if a restaurant unable to provide me with their allergy information is it leaves me with no confidence in them. If the people maintaining their social media do not have access to their allergy information, then will the restaurant staff have it? Also, I don’t want to book a table, be seated, given menus and then to be told actually there isn’t anything on their menu I can eat. Then, I would have to uproot my family and find somewhere else with a table for us and hope they have something I like and can eat.
After taking to social media, I followed up my enquiries with a phone call to to restaurants. Although ASK Italian where not good at responding to tweets, when I phoned them, they were amazing. Really helpful friendly staff who made me feel at ease with the whole dining out experience. So that is where my family and I will be celebrating my 26 years on this earth.

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