New Year, New Me!

So, I hadn’t planned to make any new years resolutions or make the New Year, New Me sweeping statement. However, my allergies have inadvertently ensured that I now am following a very healthy (boring) lifestyle!

I was left feeling energised and positive after our successful trip to London; so on the 2nd of January the kitchen back home was jiggled around to give me my own cupboard and fridge freezer space. What a perfect way to spend my extra bank holiday!

The first food shop of the year was interesting; I made sure that I had done some homework and tried to work out which supermarket would be best for “free from” products. I came to the conclusion that Tesco’s would be best; I was so glad I made that decision. Although slightly more expensive; the range they had was amazing!

A couple of amazing products that I found when I was shopping in Tesco were;

It just felt so nice to find a few things that I could eat without worrying. It was also great to not feel deprived!

I started to bake; I am trying to adapt recipes to my allergy needs. At the moment it is going well; I have managed to bake some flapjacks and cookies. I will post a few of the tweaked recipes shortly. It’s so nice to have what other people are having (slightly tweaked). Although the family couldn’t really taste the difference.

I am still struggling with the length of time everything takes. I can’t just pop to the supermarket or go out for lunch; everything must be pre-planned and meticulously thought out, it is actually quite exhausting.

I will get there, slowly but surely. I am just not a very patient person. I guess that is also something that I am working on inadvertently. I am just trying to stay as positive as possible and take the small little wins (the cookies being one of them!).


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