Successfully Entered into 2017

After the struggle at Christmas, things were beginning to look up for me. My girlfriend, her brother and nephew and I were all traveling to London to spend some time with my parents and to celebrate the end of 2016 and the start of 2017.

So our normal tradition of getting McDonald’s on the drive up to London was not hindered by the fun new allergies I have to deal with. A grilled chicken and bacon salad with fajita dressing and a side of fries for me. I must say it was quite delicious. It left me feeling far more positive about eating out. I know it is only McDonald’s but a win is a win regardless!

My amazing mum and dad went out of their way to find foods that I could eat so I wasn’t left living off of tortilla chips and pate. They visited numerous supermarkets, scouring their “free from” ranges. They were been extremely successful in their efforts. To name a few of their amazing finds:

Truely amazing!!

I did have a few wobbly moments whilst we were in London. We had gone out to the Lego store; totally amazing and worth a trip, but I hadn’t planned on having lunch out, so I hadn’t planned where was “safe” to eat. So after a rather childish tantrum, we found a restaurant with an extensive gluten free menu!! We ended up in Planet Hollywood. It was amazing! The service, the food, the range I was able to eat was first class! One of the highlights of our trip! 

New years eve we had a fun day out in London; ice skating, river boat, coffees. We did have a small problem with the McDonald’s by the London Eye; again wanting to fit in with the family and have lunch, I ordered a grilled chicken and bacon salad with a side of fries. However after we had walked out and found somewhere to sit by the river, we realised that the salad actually had a battered chicken fillet with it. Even though on the receipt and the bowl clearly stated grilled chicken! I was rather annoyed but I had packed pink panthers (gluten free) in my bag. 

So we saw the new year in with my parents and my best friend. A small party at home with party food, drinks and music. The kids fair much better than we did!! I was so grateful to my parents for find so many amazing foods that I could eat. It made a real difference. Having my girlfriends, brother-in-law and nephew be so understanding was too a turning point in all of this for me. It has certainly made me realise how lucky I am to have such amazing people around me. 


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