Post Christmas Survival

So after my food disasters over Christmas and Boxing Day, I was so sure that I was not going to be unprepared again. 

I set out on Tuesday 27th December to go to the local health food shop and Holland and Barrett to stock up on some foods I could enjoy without the fear of being unwell. Firstly Holland and Barrett was extremely unsuccessful. It would have been ok should I not have what feels like a million allergies or if I was just looking for vegetarian or vegan foods. Then the local health food shop was closed for the Christmas period. 

Disheartened, feeling alone and isolated; my better half suggested we went to the supermarket – Morrisons. My goodness!! It was amazing. After the bad experience in Asda, it was so refreshing to see an isle dedicated to free from foods. I found some great allergy friendly foods; Pink Panthers, Flora Freedom and rice cakes. The most exciting was the discovery of Mini Moos! I was sceptical; dairy free, soya free, vegan friendly chocolate. I was grately surprised! They are delicious, the orange ones taste so much like Terry’s chocolate orange. 

I was going into our New Years trip to London feeling much more comfortable about what I was going to eat and how I was going to survive. 


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