I Survived Christmas… Just

I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy and mild gluten intolerance three days before Christmas 2016. I couldn’t think of a worse time to be told you cannot eat chocolate, cheese or cream. Not to mention stuffing, bread or crackers!

I was so unprepared… I tried to muddle though. That is the worst decision I ever made. I ended up in tears and feeling poorly over the Christmas period. Not how I imagine I would be spending the festive period.

I relied on bacon as my breakfast and come Christmas dinner I was so frustrated that I gave in and eat yorkshire puddings, homemade sausage meat stuffing, chocolate… My god did I regret that. I felt so poorly! It was awful, I wish that I had thought more about myself and my needs.

I started out Boxing Day with the greatest of intentions. Well firstly a disagreement between myself and my better half. My allergies had left me feeling alone and isolated. We ventured to our local Asda; it was a pretty unsuccessful trip. A couple of bags of tortilla chips, pate and sweets. Seeing as we had planned an evening of party food, this wasn’t the worst shopping trip we could have had. However come the evening, a house full of family and a table full of sausage rolls, mini pizzas, chicken nuggets and other delicious nibbles was just too much to for me to resist.

I again made the stupid mistake. Four sausage rolls later; full of dairy and wheat, I ended up in bed taking antihistamines. Whilst the rest of the family were enjoying themselves playing pie face and enjoying whipped cream, I was feeling sorry for myself in loads of pain and feeling sick.

Safe to say, I have learnt my lesson… Be prepared! I am learning what I can now have. I am trying to focus on what I can have and trying not to focus on what it is that I can’t have.



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